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Tower Hamlets 1971

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Tower Hamlets, London Borough]

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both smoking and venereal disease, which have been included in programmes onpersonal
relationships and infectious diseases. A total of 73 sessions was spent on sex education
and venereal disease, during which 1,029 secondary school pupils took part.
At present the pattern of health education in schools is that the demand is
increasing for a broader spectrum of health education activities inside individual
schools. This means that health education staff and health visitors may be simultaneously
involved with several different groups within any one school.
Activities with several voluntary organisations varied from talks on nutrition
to the,elderly to a pilot course on personal hygiene with psychiatric patients
undergoing rehabilitation. The section has also continued to arrange visits for and
hold discussions with degree course students and overseas nurses from the London
The poster and 1eaf1et campaigns onvarious health education topics havecontinued,
with posters and leaflets being distributed on a monthly basis for external display,
and to clinic centres, social services departments, libraries, baths, surgeries,
factories, youth clubs and voluntary organisations- One such campaign was on the
subject of smoking and this was followed up in schools. In addition, leaflets have
been distributed on the subjects of venerea] disease and cervical cytology at the
request of clinics and other agencies. Metal posters giving detai1sof cl inicsheld for
the treatment of venereal disease have been displayed in public conveniences and
have been made available to such factories as were willing to display them.

Health Education Activities - 1971

SubjectNo. of OccasionsPersons Participating
General Health Subject; Schools1863,691
Cancer Prevention26285
Psychoprophy1 axis57279
Films and filmstrips1572,608
No., of posters displayed...3,981(excluding 132 metal posters on V.D.)
No. of leaflets displayed...9,984
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Health visitors maintain close liaison with the staff of statutory and voluntary
bodies, general practitioners and hospitals in the borough. Their visits to expectant
mothers and to children under five years of age are shown with other statistics on
page 83 - Health education work is carried out by means of personal contact as well

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