London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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Lambeth 1912

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Lambeth, Metropolitan Borough of]

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any kind of tilth, and then, with their legs and bodies
covered with dangerous germs, they come and drink, and
thereby infect, baby's milk or settle on baby's mouth.
Diarrhoea is most prevalent when flies are most
Keep the house free from flies, and keep baby's milk
covered with gauze or muslin so that the flies cannot get
to it.
No dirt—no flies.
Keep baby clean and keep the house and surroundings
clean. Remove all refuse from the neighbourhood of
houses. Burn all animal and vegetable matters.
The Lambeth Council's Infants Milk Depot (66 York
Road, Westminster Bridge Road, S.E.) is specially useful
in safe-guarding bottle-fed babies against getting diarrhoea.
A special form of milk ("modified milk"), made under
medical supervision, is supplied which does not turn sour
like ordinary milk and is less likely to upset the digestion.
It is kept in bottles where the flies cannot get at it. Babies
like it and thrive on it.
Apply to the Manageress at the Depot for further
By Order,
Medical Officer of Health.
Public Health Department,
Lambeth Town Hall,
Brixton Hill, S.W.

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