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Holborn 1901

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Holborn, Metropolitan Borough]

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Summary of Sanitary work done during 1901 under the Factory and Workshops Acts, 1878-1895, and the Public Health (London) Act, 1891.
Workshops Inspected551Workshops Overcrowded4
„ Notices served82„ Other nuisances7
„ Dirty53„ Notices sent to H. M. I. of Factories, children, young persons or women employed7
„ Waterclosets, defective or dirty26
„ do. insufficient12
„ Drains, soil pipes, &c. defective1„ Complaints received from H. M. I. of Factories17
„ Improperly ventilated-
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There are 40 bakehouses in the Borough, of which 22 are in Bloomsbury and St. Giles, and 18
are in the Holborn Sub-Division.
They were all inspected from time to time, during the year and notices served where necessary.
The following is a list of bakehouses in the Borough :

Bloomsbury and St. Giles.

160 Drury Lane.21 Sardinia Street.
166 do.2 Bloomsbury Court.
200 Shaftesbury Avenue.10 Bury Street.
63 High Street.162 High Holborn.
19 Little Earl Street.21 Marchmont Street.
5 Little St. Andrew Street.77 Marchmont Street.
26 Little Queen Street.8 Museum Street.
6 Torrington Place.28 New Oxford Street.
233 Tottenham Court Road.88 Southampton Row.
33 Great Wild Street.34 do.
60 Neal Street.155 do.
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Holborn Sub-District.

92 Theobald's Road.8 High Holborn.
124 do.9 Cosmo Place.
136 do.33 Great Ormond Street.
19 Red Lion Street.13 Leigh Street.
50 do.58 Leather Lane.
74 do.70 do.
6 Lamb's Conduit Street (two)172 Clerkenwell Road.
28 do.1 Greville Street.
50 do.36 Warner Street.
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All are underground bakehouses with the exception of Nos. 162, High Holborn, 88,
Southampton Row, 74, Red Lion Street, and one of the two at No. 6, Lamb's Conduit Street.


67 kitchens of restaurants were inspected and the 17 notices that were served included the following nuisances :—
Kitchens dirty9
Cistern ,,1
Drains defective6
W.e.'s in improper position5
Additional w.c. required1
Dustbin defective or absent3
Paving defective1
Kitchen also used for sleeping1
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