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Islington 1885

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Islington, Parish of St Mary]

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tration consisted of 52 weeks, ending the 2nd January, 1886),
and also the details of our sanitary work (in accordance with
the requirements of the Act of Parliament) for the year ending
March 25th, 1886.

MARRIAGES, 1884 AND 1885.— T ABLE N O . I.

Islington.England and Wales.
In the quarter ending March44040141,53839,063
„ „ June62456553,63951,910
„ „ September69166950,27549,428
„ „ December63964458,55357,045
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The marriage-rate in Islington during 1885 was therefore 14 3
per 1,000 of the population, against 15.5 in each of the two
previous years.

BIRTHS, 1885.—T ABLE N O . II.

1st Qr.3103156255074459522552274821991983971,2711,1852,456
2nd „3083146224594138722462294751901743641,2031,1302,333
3rd „3332906234584288862312344652191683871,2411,1202,361 '
4th „3313236544704799492832114941882083961,2721,2212,493
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The birth-rate is 30 3 per 1,000 of the population, against 32.3
in 1884 and 32.8 in 1883. This is the smallest birth-rate recorded
in our Parish, the next lowest having been in the year 1858, when
the rate was 321
I now give in tabular form the birth-rates for the last twentyone
years, with certain statistical details arising therefrom.

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