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Islington 1885

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Islington, Parish of St Mary]

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1874, and a Sanitary Labourer, with occasional assistance, has also
been engaged in taking the charge of and issuing disinfectants.
A second junior clerk has been employed since July, 1881.

The permanent Sanitary Staff, therefore, at the present time (exclusive of the Labourer) consists of:—

A Superintendent.
3 District Inspectors.
An Inspector of Dust.
2 Clerks (paid as juniors).
1 Messenger.
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The duties of the Superintendent are chiefly those of direction
and general supervision, both as regards the Inspectors, the correspondence,
legal proceedings, the keeping of all books and records, &c.,
and in acting as clerk to the Committee. The clerks assist in all
office work as far as possible, and the messenger, when not actually
engaged as such, also assists in the copying of notices, &c.
The Inspector of Dust has always been profitably employed in his
own more special work, as already stated.
The duties of the three District Inspectors have now to be referred
to. The duties will be found in detail in the printed Regulations
attached hereto.
The most exigent of these duties, such as attending to all complaints
received from the inhabitants, and the inspections necessary on
account of deaths or sickness from infectious disease, have, of course'
the first claim.
The complaints have increased from 204 in 1859, and 712 in 1866
(the cholera year), to 2,335 in 1884, and the other inquiries on account
of illness, &c., have also been increasing owing to the enormous
growth of the population, which, at the lowest estimate, is now 310,000,
inhabiting about 40,000 houses, instead of 125,000, with 16,000 houses,
as in 1856.
The inspection of Cowhouses, Slaughter-houses, and Bakehouses,
has also, as a general rule, received prior consideration. So that it is
only after these matters have received the attention of the Inspectors

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