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Islington 1861

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Islington, Parish of St Mary]

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The proportion of deaths from zymotic causes to the population at all ages is seen
in the table on the map. Of course, considering how large a proportion of zymotic
disease occurs among young children, we must, in drawing conclusions from these
tables, keep in mind that there is a difference in the several districts and groups of
districts in the child population: but, taken in conjunction with the other tables, it
will assist us greatly in our judgment as to the healthiness or unhealthiness of the
several districts during the past year, and the more, because zymotic disease is not
confined to ages under 5 years.
Small Pox.—The deaths from this disease have dwindled down to six. In
1859-60, it will be recollected, that an epidemic carried off 51 persons.
Measles.—The mortality from measles has been low—only 46 deaths having
occurred against an average of 85 in the previous five year

The districts where the mortality was highest were the following thirteen:—

Belonging to which Group.District.Deaths from Scarlet Fever.No. of Families to one Death.
iiiBalls Pond1937.3
iiiIrish Courts454.0
iiRother field12119.5
iBarns bury15122.9
iiiLower Road9180.8
iiiCity Road14188.2
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In the following districts there was not a single death from scarlet fever, viz:—
in group 1—Hornsey Rise, Rydon, Duncan; in group 2—Highgate Hill, Park
Street, Palmer, and Highbury Vale. Not one of the districts in group 3 escaped
more or less mortality from scarlet fever. As to the above table, there are certain
points worthy of observation :—1. That when we consider the highly infectious nature
of scarlet fever, and the high probability of its spreading to all in a family who are
predisposed by youth, or who are unprotected by a former attack, we may regard
these districts not only as those where the highest mortality occurred from the disease,
but also where it was most prevalent, and this in the order in which they stand.
2. That more than two-thirds of all the deaths from scarlet fever during the year
occurred in these districts, which are all adjoining one another, at the south and
south-eastern border of the parish, 3. That it prevailed in this locality irrespectively

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