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Islington 1861

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Islington, Parish of St Mary]

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still available, and, consequently, those in which future increase of population, and
thus also an increasing mortality in future years may be anticipated. These are all
most important particulars in estimating the causes of sickness and mortality. But
there is another equally so ; I mean the social state of the persons inhabiting the
several districts, and especially those elements of it which conduce to render the
population comfortable or restricted in their circumstances, and careful or negligent
in the use of the ordinary means of preserving their own health and that of their
children. Roughly, again, I have endeavoured to represent this upon the Sanitary
Map which accompanies my Report. No one can study the map, in conjunction with
the table of death rates printed upon its face, without being struck with the
importance of these particulars. I admit that they are not all of the local conditions
which influence the health of the populations, still less their mortality : but they are
all which are either at present at my hand, or which appear capable of being
introduced without leading to confusion. I have designated each district by a
trivial name.
2. Two thousand nine hundred and forty-one persons (exclusive of strangers in
hospitals) died in the Parish between January 1st and December 31st, inclusive. If
we add to these, as we ought, our share of the deaths which hare taken place in
various public institutions, receiving inmates from all parts, we must augment this
number by 209, thus forming a total mortality of 3,150. Assuming our rate of
increase last year to be the same as during the ten previous years, our population
in the middle of the year would be 157,130. The death rate of the year then was
200 in each 10,000 persons. That of London at large is stated by the RegistrarGeneral
to have been 232.

3. The births registered during the year amounted to 5,526, viz., 2,891 males and 2,635 females, as exhibited in the following table:

1861.West Sub-District.East Sub-District.Whole Parish.
1st Quarter3873187053833086917706261396
2nd Quarter3723627343233326556956941389
3rd Quarter3933217143573166737506371387
4th Quarter3483286763283506786766781354
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4. Of the 2941 deaths of which I possess the particulars recorded in Table I.
1451 were of males, and 1490 of females. The table referred to exhibits the sex of
those succumbing to each cause of death.
One thousand four hundred and five of the deaths were of children under five
years of age : they constituted thus 47.7 per cent, of the whole number of deaths.
This is a somewhat smaller proportion than in the previous year, but the full value of
the number cannot be estimated until the Census Tables are published, which will
contain the population under five years of age.
5. From these numbers we are now in a position to calculate approximatively

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