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Islington 1861

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Islington, Parish of St Mary]

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purely domestic character, I make no apology for the repetition of all
this. There has been no fresh case at the Infant Poor House since
September 8th. The weekly deaths from the disease have been 1,1,
2, 1, 6. There have been eight deaths from diphtheria, the weekly
numbers being 2, 1, 3, 2, 0. Cases of sore-throat have been unusually
numerous. Some of them have probably been cases of scarlatina
without eruption. The public should know that apparently simple
cases of sore-throat may communicate this disease.

The following table continues that of the previous month.

Sept.Mean Temperature. (Greenwich.)Parish cases of Diarrhoea, &c.Deaths from Diarrhoea and Cholera.
1st week61.0°60.4°59.4°67.5°68.0°62.5°626282352768947847
2nd „57.5°60.5°59.4°58.0°66.0°62.4°51463037184510637316
3rd „58.7°62.1°63.4°53.8°52.6°57.2°391622251537642447
4th „53.7°59.1°58.6°56.5°55.0°54.4°482ft17192420322435
6th „ ..52.9°58.1°57.6°68-7°60.1°53.8°27157181821020312
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Medical Officer of Health.
Vestry Offices,
October 5 th, 1861.

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