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Islington 1911

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Islington, Metropolitan Borough of]

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" Hints on the care and feeding of infants for the guidance of mothers."
" Directions for the prevention of diarrhœa."
" Hints about Babies."
" Why infants should be fed at their Mothers' Breasts."
" Directions respecting Ophthalmia Neonatorum, otherwise Purulent
Disease of the Eyes of New Born Children"
" The House Fly: sometimes called the Typhoid Fly. A Menace to Life."
Copies of each of these are sent to the mother of every infant on the day
on which the information of its birth is received by the Medical Officer of
Health. There is no doubt that these leaflets have done good among certain
classes, who are able to appreciate them, but, unfortunately, where most
required, that is among the very poor, they are least appreciated. It is these
people whom it is so necessary to reach with those personal visits which the
Local Government Board so strongly recommend, and which are now made by
the Health Visitors of every Sanitary Authority of importance in the


Showing theDeaths among Infants per 1,000 Birthsduring the year1911and also the mortality rates for the years1902-10.

Sub-Districts.1902.1903.1904.1905.1906.1907.1908.1909.1910.Mean 1902 10.1911.Increase or decrease on mean.
Tufnell12311214112 7122127811077811385-28
Upper Hollo-way103125921011058874778895115+20
Tollington1441241281171271321179688119131+ 14
Lower Hollo-way156141161151155148125101108138162+24
South East Islington1301281341211291049911794117128+ 11
The Borough13212612812312511710310395117129+12
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