London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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Strand (Westminster) 1898

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Strand District, London]

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Death Rates in the Groups of Metropolitan Districts in 1898, compared with those in the Strand.

Districts,All Causes.ANNUAL RATE PER 1,000 PERSONS LIVING.Deaths under 1 year to 1,000 Births
Deaths from
Principal Zymotic Diseases.Small.Pox.Measles.| Scarlet Fever.Diphtheria.Whooping Cough.Fever.! ; Diarrhoea.Phthisis.
London18 .32.77O'OO0'680.130.390.480'130.971.72166
West17.02 .500.000.760.150.310. 330.120.821.52169
East .,21.73.600.86o.110.440.750.141.292.06181
South17.72.750.560.130 .420.490.111 031.66164
StrandSub Dists. St. Anne21.43 16.871.84 1.400.53 0.410.08 0.08016 0.080.77 0.573.32 2.47166 141
Strand25.942.290.650.080.080. 320'160.984 .16195

Note.—Where the deaths under any heading are too few to express as a rate
per 1,000 within two places of decimals, O'OO is inserted; where no
deaths have occurred, it is expressed thus —.
The Strand District forms one of the Central Group.
Appended to this Report (pp. 46.9) are Tables A and B
required by the Local Government Board, together with Tables
showing the causes of death in the Strand District, and in each
of its Sub.Districts at various groups of ages, and distinguishing
males and females.