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Strand (Westminster) 1898

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Strand District, London]

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In this District, even after deducting the deaths of persons
giving Common Lodging Houses as their address, the mortality is
above the average, and there is little doubt but that had these
people bad the advantage of open air treatment in the early stage
of the disease, they would be now useful members of the
community. In every instance where a death occurs the house is
visited, the offer made to disinfect and where necessary, notices
issued for cleansing, whitewashing and the removal of insanitary
conditions. Samples of milk to the number of 20, coming into
the District from the country have been examined, but all have
been found free from the tubercle bacilli. The schemes now
in hand, together with those proposed to be undertaken for
re.modelling and opening up the congested neighbourhood of
Clare Market will doubtless bring considerable improvement in
their train.
A leaflet containing information as to the cause of Consumption
and pointing out the measures which should be adopted with the
view of preventing the spread of the disease has been circulated
by your Board throughout the District A copy of the circular
will be found in the Appendix to this Report.
Notifiable Infectious Diseases.
120 certificates were received in 1897, relating to 115 cases
of infectious disease. The amount paid for certificates during
the year was £11. 5s., which is refunded to this Board by the
Metropolitan Asylums Board.


Cases notified per 1,000 total population in 1898.

Disease.London.Strand.St. Anne Sub.District.Strand Sub.District.
Scarlet Fever3.742.002.591.25
Diphtheria & Membranous Croup2.632.073.390.60
Typhus Fever0.00
Enteric Fever0.670.370.400.34
Continued „0.01
Relapsing „
Puerperal ,,0.05