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City of Westminster 1959

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Westminster, City of]

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A further swimming pool of 70,000 gallons, which is available to the
public but owned by a private company, is sited under a large block of
flats within the City. The water is drawn from deep wells; continuous
filtration through sand and chlorination is maintained during the time
that the bath is in use, with a turn-over of four hours. Ozone treatment
plant is also available. An independent firm of analytical chemists and
bacteriologists take samples every week (without notice) and a high
bacterial and chemical standard is maintained.
There is also the Lido in Hyde Park, which is under the control of
H.M. Minister of Works.
Disinfection, Disinfestation and Cleansing of Persons—
Arrangements with the Holborn Borough Council
The arrangement between the City Council and the Holborn Borough
Council whereby the latter undertook to carry out, on agreed terms, the
work of disinfection, disinfestation and cleansing of persons, and the
provision of the necessary transport therefor, continued.
The arrangement came into operation on the 3rd September, 1956,
and is working satisfactorily with resulting economies to both Councils.

The following is a summary of the work carried out for Westminster during the year:—

RoomsArticlesArticles WashedBooks
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Cleansing of Persons

ScabiesHead LiceBody Lice
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