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City of Westminster 1954

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Westminster, City of]

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The resident population of 98,870 in some 27,400 dwellings received
water from the Metropolitan Water Board's mains or from deep wells.
Eighty-eight deep wells were in use at 31st December, 1954, compared
with eight-nine at the same time in 1953, the use of one well having
been discontinued, the machinery removed and the top sealed off. In
eighty-five of these wells, the water is used for domestic purposes. In
the remainder, one supply is used for cooling purposes, one for supplying
boilers and one as a stand-by in case of fire. Satisfactory reports were
received of 49 bacteriological examinations and 21 chemical analyses of
water from these wells.
In June, 1954, routine samples from one of the deep wells showed a
total count in 72 hours at 20 deg. C. of 3055 with 90 faecal coli per 100 ml.
The pumping equipment was immediately shut down, the storage tanks
and supply pipes treated with chlorine, and supplies drawn from the
Metropolitan Water Board. Samples for chemical and bacteriological
examination were taken from a number of the wells in the immediate
vicinity, and one in adjacent premises showed a probable number of
coliform bacilli in 2 days at 37 deg. C. of 18 per 100 ml. Here the deep
well supply was discontinued and supplies obtained from the Metropolitan
Water Board.

Disinfection and Disinfestation.

Rooms.Articles.Articles DestroyedArticles Washed.Vehicles.Books.
Laundry towels4,786
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Cleansing of Persons.

Scabies.Head Lice.Body Lice.
Children (including those
under school age)2777142150
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