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City of Westminster 1950

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Westminster, City of]

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Water for drinking and commercial purposes is supplied by the
Metropolitan Water Board, and has proved throughout the year to be
satisfactory in quality and quantity. Six complaints of contaminated
drinking water were received, and all concerned the presence of algae or
other foreign matter in the storage cisterns. In all cases the tanks were
The resident population (enumerated in 1951 at 98,895) in 22,695
houses receive water from the Metropolitan Water Board's mains or from
deep wells. Ninety deep wells were in use at 31st December, 1950, and
90 bacteriological and 26 chemical reports of analysis were received on
supplies drawn from these sources. Only one such report indicated an
unsatisfactory supply bacteriologically. Chlorinating equipment is being
installed at the premises concerned. Seven bores were sealed off owing
to the supplies being insufficient, and their pumping machinery removed
during the year. One new bore was sunk, this being at premises
maintaining a 24-hour national service. There were already two wells
at these premises just maintaining the necessary supplies. This third
installation, which has been sunk to a total depth of 560 feet, has a
standing water level of 239 feet although this level drops to 321 feet
during pumping operations. This enables essential maintenance work
on pumping equipment being undertaken without diminution of supply.
In all but 3 of these 90 deep wells, the water is used for domestic
purposes. In those 3:—
1 supply is used for cooling purposes ;
1 for supplying boilers , and
1 is a stand by in case of fire.

Disinfection and Disinfestation.

Rooms.Articles.Articles Destroyed.Articles Washed.Vehicles.Books.
Laundry towels6,860
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Men.Women.Children (under school age).Children (School).Articles.
Head lice189356399
Body lice326416,696
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