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City of Westminster 1948

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Westminster, City of]

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Men.Women.Children (under school age).Children (School).Articles.
Head lice146492277
Body lice203374,062
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Burial or Cremation of the Dead.
Section 50 of the National Assistance Act, 1948, which came into
force on 5th July, 1948, provides that it shall be the duty, in London, of
Sanitary Authorities to cause to be buried or cremated the body of any
person who has died or been found dead in their area, where no other
arrangements have been made for the disposal of the body. Power is also
given to recover the cost of the burial from the estate of the deceased
person or from a liable relative.
This was a duty formerly carried out in London by the London County
The City Council accordingly made arrangements for the burial of
of such persons in their cemetery at Hanwell.
Up to the end of the year some 32 bodies were buried by the City
Council under these arrangements.
Coroner's Court and Mortuary.
In all 394 bodies were received in the Mortuary on Coroner's warrants
by Police or Undertakers. There were 12 cases admitted "to await
Number of
Inquest cases 124
Non inquest cases 270
Post mortem examinations held 361
Cause of death in the foregoing cases were as under:—
Accidental drowning 2
Found drowned 14
Suicide by drowning
„ other means 30
Street 17
Domestic 9
Others 17
Natural causes 277
Misadventure 11
Murder 3
Miscellaneous causes 14

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