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City of Westminster 1937

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Westminster, City of]

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Health Visitiiig.—The following table shows the number of visits
paid in connection with the four centres:—

Table LX.—Health Visiting.

1937Ebury Bridge.Bessborough Street.Marshall Street.Marsham Street.Total.
First visits292241112178823
Other visits5294942474861,756
Children under 1 year of age—
First visits3512611752301,017
Other visits1,2781,3066631,0274,274
Children over 1 and under 5 years—
Death enquiries, still-births, &c.40342518117
Infectious diseases8811811047363
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Mothercraft.—Classes in mothercraft are held weekly at the various
centres, and health talks are given each week throughout the year in
connection with those classes. Various voluntary societies engaged in
health education have generously supplied lecturers. The subjects
covered by these lectures are set out on page 73.

Table LXI.—Mothercraft Classes.

1937.Ebury Bridge.Bessboro' Street.Marshall Street.Marsham Street.Total.
Number of classes48504589232
Total attendances2,3411,2324512,8046,828
Average attendances48.724.610.231.529.4
Number of expectant mothers80893050249
Number of attendances by expectant mothers4914101426831,726
Number of other mothers921043088314
Number of attendances by other mothers1,8508223092,1215,102
Attendances of children in nurseries during classes1,6177724772,8665,732
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Materials are purchased in quantity, and sold to the mothers at cost
price. The number of garments made at Ebury Bridge was 1,932; at
Bessborough Street, 830; at Marshall Street, 290; and at Marsham
Street, 1,576. Much work of a repair or remodelling nature is done to
old garments in the interests of family economy. An important feature
is the instruction of the mothers in knitting woollen garments.
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