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City of Westminster 1937

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Westminster, City of]

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Infant clinics in connection with the maternity departments of
Westminster, St. George's, Middlesex, and the General Lying-in Hospitals
are held weekly in those institutions, but they do not come within the
maternity and child welfare scheme of the Council. Since the Discontinued
Grants (Apportionment) (London) Order, 1930, made by the
Minister of Health, the infant welfare clinics at Charing Cross and the
Infants' Hospital, Vincent Square, receive annual grants from the City
Council, and are accordingly included in the maternity and child welfare
services of the Council.
Nursing.—Under the maternity and child welfare scheme of the
Council arrangements are in force with the three district nursing associations,
the Pimlico, Belgravia and Chelsea; the Westminster; and the
Metropolitan Associations, for the nursing of children under five years of
age suffering from various ailments, and for certain conditions in adults.
The following table shows the nature of certain conditions for which
nursing visits were paid:—

Table LVII.—Home Nursing.

Affections of the eyes9142
Complications of maternity40633
Pneumonia (including adults)12131
Other illness1491,791
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Ophthalmia neonatorum.—Nine cases were notified during the year.
There were also 6 instances of watery discharge from the eyes which were
brought to the notice of the health visitors. All cases of ophthalmia
neonatorum are visited as soon as possible after notification in order
to see that adequate treatment is being provided. Treatment for affections
of the eyes was carried out by the district nurses in 9 cases, 142
visits being paid. Ophthalmia neonatorum has been notifiable since
(7638) e

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