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City of Westminster 1929

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Westminster, City of]

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(Dufour's Place), after having been informed by the Medical Officer of
Health that the rooms were not fit for use as a separate dwelling.
(8) Rag-and bone Dealers.—There are 13 premises in the City in which
this business is carried on. These have been kept under observation by
the Sanitary Inspectors, but no matters requiring attention by the Department
have been reported during the year.
Particulars relating to the other premises and occupations included in
the foregoing list may be found under the appropriate headings in other
sections of this report.
Other Sanitary Conditions requiring Notice.
Fouling of Footways by Dogs.—The by-law made by the City Council
in March, 1928, the operation of which was confined to a period of two
years, has now been sanctioned by the Home Office as a permanent
measure. Two cases of infringement of the by-law were reported to the
Council by the Commissioner of Police and a prosecution was ordered
in both instances, the defendants being fined 10s. and 7s. 6d. respectively.
During the year, complaints were received from time to time as to the
insanitary state of the pavements in certain streets, particularly in the
neighbourhood of several large blocks of flats in which many dogs appear
to be kept. Special observation was kept by the Sanitary Inspectors in
one or two instances, but no offences were observed. The City Cleansing
Surveyor was requested to pay particular attention to the cleansing of
the footways in those streets which were the subject of complaint.
From the fact that only two cases of infringement of the by-law were
reported during the year, it may be inferred that the by-law has proved
effective in preventing the committal of nuisances coming within its scope.
Fouling of the footways by dogs which are allowed to run loose exists,
however, to a considerable extent, and cleanliness of the streets must in
the main depend upon regular attention being paid by the responsible
Department to the cleansing of the streets in which nuisances are most in
It has been suggested that the by-law should be made applicable to
nuisances committed by all dogs, whether on a lead or not, but it should
be pointed out that the by-law now in force in Westminster and in other
districts is as sanctioned by the Home Office, to whom it was necessary
to submit the draft by-law for approval.
Nuisance from Pigeons.—Section 52 (1) of the London County Council
(General Powers) Act, 1927. The administration of this section is a duty
of the City Council and details of the arrangements made were given in
last year's report.