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City of Westminster 1928

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Westminster, City of]

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(b) execute or do any work or thing affecting the structure of Buch building
or the use of such land without the consent of the authority body or
person in whom such building or land is vested ; or
(c) knowingly destroy sell or otherwise dispose of or cause to be destroyed
old or otherwise disposed of any house dove or pigeon belonging to any
For many years past complaints have been received concerning
nuisance and damage to property caused by pigeons. As soon as
statutory power to deal with the nuisance had been conferred complaints
became more frequent and insistent. The City Council therefore
appointed Mr. Anthony of Wood Green to deal with the nuisance
by trapping pigeons in the regions where they were most complained of.
This plan of working is in accordance with the scheme described in last
years report.
The actual work of trapping the pigeons commenced on the 25th June
and is still in operation.
At first difficulties were experienced ; some people attempted to
frighten the birds or to lure them away from the traps by placing abundance
of food not far away. This sometimes happens now but much
less frequently.
The total number of birds caught up to the end of the year amounted
to 2,072, and the eggs taken 287. The cost of carrying out this work
during the period mentioned was £88 9s. 3d.
The object of the Act is to abate or mitigate any nuisance, annoyance
or damage caused by pigeons, and certainly not to exterminate them as
many lovers of the birds appear to think. On the other hand many
persons, not so sympathetically inclined, are desirous that they should be
ruthlessly wiped out.
Sanitary Inspection of the Area.
The following table shows in considerable detail matters relating
to the general sanitary condition of the City. The work of the district
sanitary inspectors is performed under several main headings ; inspection
of nuisances and other insanitary conditions, whether on complaint or
otherwise ; supervision of all new sanitary fittings and drainage in old
and new buildings, which includes reporting on plans of proposed sanitary
construction in respect of requirements laid down in the by-laws under
the Metropolis Management Acts and the Public Health (London) Act,
1891; and other specialised duties.

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