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City of Westminster 1923

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Westminster, City of]

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The death-rates for males and females in westminster fir 1920, 1921, 1922, and 1923 calculated were per 100,000 population

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Bacteriological Laboratory.

Examinations were made as follows:—

Swabbings from throats in suspected diphtheria281
Blood in suspected typhoid6
Sputum for tuberculosis578
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The expenditure on the first two was £40 3s. 5d., and for tuberculosis
£79 10s. 5d., including cost of outfits, postage, and telegrams in both

The number of articles treated was:—

Articles disinfected153,04850,49649,54231,65428,70921,933
Articles washed6,5515,7597,1856,7667,3558,679
Articles destroyed3,0485437038105173
Books disinfected47742212173215
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The motor van during 1923 ran 3,415 miles and carried 3,293 cwt.
of goods, the highest amount in any one day being 36 cwt. The
petrol consumption was 382 gallons, equal to nearly 9 miles per gallon.
Cleansing of Persons.—The number of Westminster persons suffering
from head and body lice treated at the cleansing station was 690, again
an increase over the preceding year.

By arrangement with the County Council, school children from Battersea, Chelsea, Holborn, Kensington, Lambeth, St. Pancras and St. Marylebone were sent to the Station for cleansing; these numbered 218 for head lice, 14 for body lice, and 5 for scabies, and are included in the following summary:—

Head lice.Body lice.Scabies.Total.
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