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Hanover Square 1895

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Hanover Square, The Vestry of the Parish of Saint George]


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    Table I.
    YEAR.Gross Total of Deaths.Deaths in Public Institutions.Proportional Share of Deaths in Public InstitutionsCorrected Total of Deaths. (52 weeks).Corrected Death-rate per 1,000 per annum (52 weeks).
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    Table II. D eaths in P ublic I nstitutions in the P arish.
    Mayfair.Belgravia.Sub-District not stated.
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    Table iii . Death-rates per 1,000 per annum.
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    Table IV.
    YEAR.Registered Births.Birth-rate per 1,000 per annum (52 weeks.)Deaths ofChildren under1 Year.
    Total.Percentage to Registered Births.Percentage to Total Deaths of Parishioners
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    Table V.
    year.a. Persons aged sixty years and upwards.b. Injuries.C. Inquest Oases.d. Uncertified.Percentages to Gross Total of Deaths.
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    Table VI. Non-Parishioners excluded.
    year.a Persons aged sixty years and upwards.b Injuries.Percentages to corrected Total of Deaths.
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    Table VII.
    SUB-DISTRICT.Population at middle of 1895.Births.Birth-rate.Deaths of Parishioners.Deaths (corrected).Death-rate (corrected).
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    Table VIII.
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    Table IX.— continued.
    Year.St. George's Hanover Square.London.
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    T able X. Deaths of Parishioners from the principal Infectious Diseases and from Diarrhoea:—
    Disease.1890.1891.1892.1893.1894.Average from 1890 to 1894.1896.
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    Table XI.
    Name of Disease.Number of Cases certified.
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    c ases of Ent eric Fever.
    YEAR.Aug., Sept. and Oct.November and December.
    No. of Cases.Average per month.No. of Cases.Average per month.
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    Table XII.
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    Table XIII. Nuisances dealt with.
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    Table XIV. Infectious Diseases and Disinfection.
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    Table XY. Return showing the number of bodies received into the Mortuary Ebury Bridge, during the 52 weeks ending December 28th, 1895.
    Cause of Death.Number.Post MortemsInquests.
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    (A) TABLE OF DEATHS during the year 1895, in the Metropolitan Sanitary District of St. George , Hanover Square, classified according to Diseases, Ages, and Localities.
    Localities.Mortality from all causes, at subjoined Ages.Mortality from subjoined causes, distinguishing deaths of children under five.
    At all ages.Under 1.1—5.5—15.15—25.25—65.65 & upwards.1 23 | 406 | 7 | 8 | 910111213141516 1718ID20 2122
    Smallpox.Scarlatina.Diphtheria.Membranous Croup.Fevers.Cholera.Erysipelas.Measles.Whooping Cough.Diarrhoea and Dysentery.Rheumatic Fever.Ague.Phthisis.Bronchitis, Pneumonia, and Pleurisy.Heart Disease.Injuries.All other Diseases.Total.
    Typhus.Enteric (or Typhoid).Continued.Relapsing.Puerperal.
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    (B) TABLE 0F POPULATION, BIRTHS, AND OF NEW CASES OF INFECTIOUS SICKNESS, coming to the knowledge of the Medical Officer of Health, during the year 1895, in the Metropolitan Sanitary District of St. George, Hanover Square, classified according to Diseases, Ages, and Localities.
    Localities.Population at all Ages.Registered Births.Ages.New Cases of Sickness ineach locality.Totals.number of such cases removed from home to hospitals.
    Census 1891.Estimated to Middle of 1895.Smallpox.Scarlatina.Diphtheria.Membranous Croup.Fevers.Fevers.Cholera.Erysipelas.Smallpox.Scarlatina.Diphtheria.Membranous Croup.Fevers.Cholera.Erysipelas.
    Typhus.Enteric (or Typhoid).Continued.Relapsing.Puerperal.Typhus.Enteric (or Typhoid).Continued.Relapsing.Puerperal.