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Hanover Square 1866

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Hanover Square, The Vestry of the Parish of Saint George]

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Clapham to St. George's Hospital, sent on to the Workhouse,
thence to Small-pox Hospital.
March 19, Elizabeth B., aged 45, servant at a hotel near
John Haines, aged 14 months, came ill with his mother,
a tramp, to the Workhouse.
sickness in the belgrave sub-district.
In the Belgrave Sub-District 6,931 persons were treated
by the parochial surgeons, and at St. George's Hospital, the
Royal Pimlico Dispensary, the St. Paul and St. Barnabas'
Dispensary, and at the Workhouse, Little Chelsea.
Of these 3,897 were patients at St. George's Hospital,
leaving a remainder of 3,034.
The total figures include 13 of small-pox, 8 of chickenpox,
111 of measles, 30 of scarlet fever, 52 of whooping-cough,
107 of diarrhoea, 4 of dysentery, 23 of continued fever, 15 of
rheumatic fever, 15 of erysipelas, 3 of diphtheria, and 4 of
There were 645 cases of bronchitis, 11 of pleurisy, and
141 of pneumonia.
The following are the particulars of the cases of small-pox,
At No. 19, Hindon-street-Mary Anne Prince, vaccinated.
At No. 6, Warwick-place West—Joseph Curry, set. 26,
vaccinated. Sent to the Small-pox Hospital.
At No. 2, Robert's-buildings—Alice Marshall, vaccinated.
Removed to the Small-pox Hospital.
There was sent to the Fever Hospital on 29th February—
Charles Philips, set. 13,14 Cumberland-street.
C. J. B. Aldis, M.D.,
R. Druitt.

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