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Hanover Square 1866

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Hanover Square, The Vestry of the Parish of Saint George]

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Drains in stable-yard cleansed1
Traps supplied2
Leakages remedied5
Cesspool abolished1
Gas pipes repaired1
Water laid on2
Yards cleansed3
Stables newly drained by pipes1
Gullies cleansed and repaired1
Stable yard cleansed and re-paved.1
Dung nuisance abated12
Rubbish removed5
Dead body removed1
Complaint frivolous1
Magistrates' order granted
Notices served24
Summonses ordered to be taken out, but refused by the magistrate2
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special cases.
Two Houses in Grosvenor-street.—In the Quarterly Summary,
No. XXX., was mentioned the case of two contiguous
houses, each formerly infested with smells through neglect in
the construction of the drains, which had been in great
measure remedied. Each house contains a central watercloset
on the second floor, drained by a pipe running down
in the substance of the party-wall. Last year, the occupant
of No. x made fresh complaint of effluvia in his drawingroom,
which he believed to enter it at the place where the
water-closet pipe of No. y runs down imbedded in the wall.

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