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Hanover Square 1862

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Hanover Square, The Vestry of the Parish of Saint George]

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Eighty-four observations were made during the
quarter upon the six gases supplied by the Chartered,
London, and Equitable Companies, at the works in
Ilorseferry-road, 73, Bessborough-street, and 78, Cambridge-street,
besides others at No. 1, Ebury Bridge-road,
The gases were burned in accordance with the Metropolis
Gas Act, I860, and the illuminating power continued
above the standard light, excepting on October 9th, when
the cannel gas from the London Company gave a light
equal to 18*39, instead of 20 sperm candles.
It may be remembered that I was unable to make
experiments at No. 4, Cannon-row, the testing room
provided by the Chartered Company, in consequence of a
fire that occurred on the premises, and I have again
recently been prevented from doing so by the box
photometer taking fire, which will account for my continuing
the experiments at the works in Horseferry-road.
With regard to the purity of the gases, they were
free from sulphuretted hydrogen, and so far free from
ammonia that they did not discolour the turmeric paper
exposed under a pressure of five-tenths of an inch of

The following Table gives the average light in sperm candles of all the gases.

Cannel 25.3623.7925.87
Common 13.7113.5914.55
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