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Hanover Square 1862

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Hanover Square, The Vestry of the Parish of Saint George]

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Vestry of St. George, Hanover Square.
My Lords and Gentlemen,
Again we are sorry to have to report a high
rate of mortality, for the number of deaths in the whole
parish during the quarter has been 609. This gives a
gross weekly average of 46.8 deaths per week, whereas
during the corresponding 13 weeks of the last ten years
the average mortality was 472.5; that is to say at the
rate of 36.5 per week; thus during the first quarter
of the year 1862, 126 deaths have occurred above the
average of the last ten years.
The total number of deaths includes 71 non-parishioners
in St. George's Hospital, and 4 in the Little Chelsea

It is easy, from a glance at the subjoined table, to see where the excess lies:—

Deaths under 20 in the whole parish.Total died.Hanover and May-fair.Belgravia.
In the corresponding quarter of 1858224528163254
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It thus clearly lies in the Belgrave Sub-district; for
the deaths in the Hanover and May-fair, although a full
average, are not very high, whereas the deaths in the

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