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Hanover Square 1862

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Hanover Square, The Vestry of the Parish of Saint George]

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Mistresses and Committees of the schools. Children that
have sore eyes, skin eruptions, and obvious marks of
scrofula and rickets should be noticed, and the parents
be urged to obtain medical and other treatment for them.
The sale of bath tickets at a low price, to children from
these schools, which the Commissioners of the Public
Baths have kindly allowed, and the distribution of prizes
for cleanliness, will be of some service.
Sanitary Work.—The number of complaints entered
in the Inspector's Report Book, between March 30th,
1861, and March 29th, 1862, is 799, of which 381 relate
to premises in the Hanover and May-fair, and 418 to the
Belgrave Sub-districts. The number of notices served
has been 218. The number of premises regarding which
the Committee for carrying out the Nuisances Removal
Act authorize legal proceedings to be taken, if necessary,
is 23 in the Hanover and May-fair, and 40 in the Belgrave
Sub-districts. The number of summonses actually
taken out has been 14, 7 in each district. Number of
magistrates' orders, 1.
Mr. Grant reports that there are 33 slaughter-houses,
18 cow-yards, and 38 marine store dealers in the parish.
Our thanks are due to Mr. Jay, Mr. Jorden, and
Mr. Hughes, the registrars; and to Messrs. W. Griffith,
E. Davis, F. Godrich, sen., and W. Pain, of the Royal
Pimlico Dispensary; to Mr. Connock of St. George's and
St. James's Dispensary, Mount-street; and to Mr.
Bloxam and Mr. W. Bloxam for much valuable information.
C. J. B. Aldis, M.D.
R. Druitt.