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Hanover Square 1862

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Hanover Square, The Vestry of the Parish of Saint George]

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The sickness. The total number of cases treated by
the Parochial Surgeons, and at the Dispensary, Mountstreet,
was 3,803; amongst these were 4 cases of smallpox,
10 of chicken-pox, 56 of measles, 99 of scarlatina,
4 of diphtheria, 62 of whooping-cough, 473 of diarrhoea,
2 of dysentery, 3 of cholera, 2 of ague, 84 of fever, 3 of
erysipelas, 636 of bronchitis and catarrh.
In the Belgrave Sub-district 26,822 persons were
treated by the Parochial Surgeons, and at St. George's
Hospital, the Royal Pimlico Dispensary, the St. Paul
and St. Barnabas' Dispensary, and the workhouse, Little
Chelsea; of these 13,872 were patients at St. George's
Hospital. The whole number included 1 case of smallpox,
58 of chicken-pox, 122 of measles, 107 of scarlet
fever, 222 of whooping-cough, 6 of croup, 1,169 of
diarrhoea, 14 of dysentery, 196 of continued fever, 190 of
rheumatic fever, 51 of erysipelas, 10 of diphtheria, 1 of
pyœmia, 5 of carbuncle, and 9 of ague, 8 of which occurred
in non-parishioners at St. George's Hospital.
There were also 1,975 cases of bronchitis, 38 of pleurisy,
and 106 of pneumonia.
No patient has been sent by this parish to the Smallpox
Hospital since July 1860 ; 9 were sent to the fever
hospital during the year, including 4 children from No. 4,
Eaton-court, North-row.
Vaccination. During the year the total number of
vaccinations performed by Mr. Jay, in the Hanover and
May-fair Sub-districts, was 241; by Mr. Jorden, in the
Belgrave Sub-district, 794.
In order to find out children who have escaped vaccination,
we make periodic enquiries and examinations at all
the National and Parochial Schools. The number of
children in the schools is as follows:—