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Hanover Square 1858

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Hanover Square, The Vestry of the Parish of Saint George]

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diarrhœa; and 39 of fever, mostly of a very slight degree
of severity.
Altogether, making allowances for the prevalence of instances
of severity here and there, the quarter was anything
but an unhealthy one for the inhabitants of the Hanover
and May Fair sub-districts. In the previous quarter the
number of cases was 956.

The following table, which may be compared with one at page 7 of our last Report, will show the relative amount of sickness in the most densely populated parts of the parish, and the deaths :—

Population.Total Parish patientsDeaths of childrenDeaths of adults.
From the Model Lodgings1302402
Bloomfield Buildings1302000
Brick Street296820
Brown Street2003403
Carrington Street28013l2
George Street, Grosvenor Square5402820
Grosvenor Market2111900
Grosvenor Mews9446822
Hertford Place2001201
John's Court, Farm Street802100
May's Buildings1221000
Mount Row and Place1331710
North Bruton Mews1542100
Street's Buildings791101
Queen Street3162231
Robert Street, Grosvenor Square5432412
Thomas Street6004003
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Amongst individual instances, we may refer to the Model
Lodging House, which has not quite kept up its character this
quarter; 10, Grosvenor Mews, which was the subject of legal
proceedings, as we shall presently relate; John's Court is

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