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Hanover Square 1858

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Hanover Square, The Vestry of the Parish of Saint George]

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whose inhabitants are provided with medical advice at the
expense of their richer neighbours.
Accordingly, we here give a list of some of the poorer
streets, with the population of those streets at the Census
of 1851, or (in the case of those marked with an asterisk)
with the population ascertained by enumeration since.

The other figures give the number of cases of fever and diarrhoea, and the total number of cases of illness attended during the quarter, by the Parochial and Dispensary Medical Officers; and the total deaths of children and adults during the same period.

Population.Fever.Diarrhoea.Total of Parish patients.Deaths childrenDeaths adults
*From the Model Lodgings1301l1200
*Bloomfield Buildings130132320
Brick Street29600920
*Brown Street200263711
Carrington Street280001710
George St., Grosvenor Sq.540314212
Grosvenor Market211221930
Grosvenor Mews944815712
*Hertford Place200112200
*John's Court, Farm Street80201911
May's Buildings122011830
Mount Row and Place133211101*
North Bruton Mews154211500
Street's Buildings79121911
Queen Street316462710
Robert St., Grosvenor Sq.543112862
Thomas Street600234210
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* Adult died in workhouse.
No. 17, Little Grosvenor Street, yielded 8 patients; No.
3, John's Court, (which court, we regret to say, remains as it
was,) yielded 9 ; 7 patients came from No. 10, Grosvenor
Mews; 6 out of the 23 patients from Bloomfield Place

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