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Hanover Square 1858

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Hanover Square, The Vestry of the Parish of Saint George]

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Nos. 1 and 2, Robert's Court, Robert Street, Commercial
Road South.—No ash-pits and no covers to water-butts. Ashpits
erected and water-butts covered.
Neivson's Yard, ditto.—Overcharged cesspool, draining
through the wall into the back yard of No. 5, Robert
Street. The cesspool has been emptied and nuisance
No. 1, Flash Row, Ebury Square.—Bad smell from the
drains, caused by several rat holes opening into the cellar. The
drains have been cleansed and repaired to the sewer.
Denbigh Mews, Denbigh Street.—Bad smell from the dungpits.
A notice was served on each of the occupiers, seven in
number, and the dung removed.
No. 4, Commercial Road South.—Bad smell in the kitchen
from the drains, and the waste pipe from the cistern over the
closet untrapped. The family have complained of diarrhoea,
which they attributed to the foul state of the water, occasioned
by gases passing through the waste pipe from the drain. The
drains in the kitchen were cleansed and repaired, and the waste
pipe trapped.
Nos. 1,2,3, and 4, Nell Gwynne Cottages.—Drainage from
the closets obstructed and smell offensive. New drains were
constructed and properly connected with the sewer.
Mr. Smith's Building Yard, Hindon Street.—Complaint of
bad smell from the furnace of the engine used for sawing wood.
The premises were carefully examined by the Medical Officer
of Health and Inspector, who could not detect any reason for
the complaint.

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