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Southwark 1953

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Southwark, Borough of]

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Summary of works completed during 1953 as a result of Notices
served following inspections under the Housing Consolidated
Regulations, 1925/1932:—
Drains repaired and/or cleansed 4
W.C. pans and seats repaired or renewed 9
Flushing apparatus repaired or renewed 8
Soil pipes and ventilating shafts repaired or renewed 1
Chimney stacks repaired or rebuilt 5
Chimney pots provided and flaunched 2
Sinks provided or renewed 2
Waste pipes provided or repaired 7
Yards paved, repaired or drained G
Dustbins provided and chutes repaired 4
Roofs and gutters repaired or renewed 31
Parapet walls rebuilt
Rain-water pipes repaired or renewed 3
Dampness remedied 34
Window frames, sashes and glazing repaired (Number of rooms) 208
Cills and reveals repaired 35
Sashcords renewed (Number of rooms) 02
Fireplaces, ranges and flues repaired 21
Floors repaired or renewed 29
Brickwork repaired and pointing renewed 55
Walls repaired or rebuilt 14
Steps repaired 2
Staircases repaired 9
Staircases cleansed and redecorated 13
Walls and ceilings repaired and decorated (number of rooms) 222
Doors repaired or renewed 18
Ventilated lobbies provided to water closets 2
Sub-floor ventilation provided or increased 1
Artificial lighting provided 1
Total 809
Whilst there was a considerable decrease in the number of
applicants who sought the assistance of the Public Health
Department for rehousing on medical, overcrowding or sanitary
grounds, there was very little change in the number of new
cases of overcrowding reported. There is, however, practically
no improvement yet in the number of such cases rehoused by
local authorities. Considerably fewer overcrowded families
were, in fact, rehoused by the London County Council than in
the previous year.
A survey during the year showed a number of cases that had
left the Borough. The final amended total of overcrowded
cases remaining at the end of the year was about seventy-five
per cent, of the 1952 total.
One hundred more cases than in 1952 were recommended to
the L.C.C. and the Borough Council for rehousing on medical
grounds, but of these only seven more than the previous year
were rehoused.