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Poplar 1927

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Poplar, Metropolitan Borough]

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Occupier of stables,
Situate at
Dear Sir,
I would draw your attention to the By-laws made by the London
County Council and Poplar Borough Council referring to Stables,
Horse Manure, etc., extracts of which are enclosed.
Horse manure being the chief breeding ground of the ordinary
house-fly in this country, and as flies play such an important part in
the spread of many diseases, particularly infantile diarrhoea, it is
important that strict attention be paid to the regular and complete
removal of manure if the health of the community is to be safeguarded.
The manure must be removed completely at least once in every seven
days, and it cannot be stated that manure has been completely
removed until the receptacle has been cleaned or swept out, leaving
no remains on the floor or walls.
Yours faithfully,
Medical Officer of Health.
177 stables were inspected and reported upon.

The following infringements of the Bye-laws were dealt with:—

Accumulations of manure, or premises otherwise not clean58
Lack of ventilation1
Floors not properly drained6
Dung receptacles:—
(a) Not provided42
(b) Defective24
(c) Not covered15
Other defects49
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137 Intimations were served, followed by 42 Notices and 16 Final
Notices. The works required were completed before the end of the
During the summer months of 1928 weekly inspections of stable
premises will be resumed, and the frequent and complete removal of
horse manure insisted upon.

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