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Poplar 1911

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Poplar, Metropolitan Borough]

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removed on March 7th by Metropolitan Asylums Board. Father, mother,
sister and brother were re-vaccinated same date as disease was diagnosed,
and were removed to Council's Shelter pending disinfection of the rooms.
They were bathed and clothes disinfected. The dog was also taken to
shelter and washed with a solution of electrolytic fluid. There were
several contacts in this case who were kept under observation, and
vaccination and re-vaccination advised as the case might have been. The
Medical Officers of Health of the districts in which the contacts worked
were communicated with.
This case was probably contracted from the three mentioned below.
(3.) March 9th, female, aged 30 years, of Eglinton Road, Bow.
Stated to have been vaccinated in infancy. It appeared this patient had
been ill for three or four weeks; no medical man in attendance; she had
felt unwell and spots appeared on her body (see two cases below).
The husband (who had been re-vaccinated) was employed at a hosier's in
the City of London, and travelled backwards and forwards on the District
Railway. At this same hosier's a man, residing in Bethnal Green, was
also employed; he fell ill on February 24th, and was removed to hospital
with smallpox on February 28th. The question was, did the husband
carry the disease from his wife to the Bethnal Green case ? The Medical
Officer of Health of the City of London was immediately informed of
these circumstances.
(4.) March 9th, female, aged 8 years, of Eglinton Road, Bow,
unvaccinated, daughter of above case. Ill with spots on her for two or
three weeks; no medical man in attendance. Removed to hospital on
March 9th.
(5.) March 9th, female, aged 4 years, of Eglinton Road, Bow,
unvaccinated, sister of the above case. Fell ill March 3rd, rash appeared
March 7th, removed to hospital March 9th. The patient died on
March 19th.
The father of the above two cases was removed to the Council's
Shelter pending the disinfection of the rooms occupied by his family
(stripping of walls and limewhiting); and the other inmates of the house
(man, two adult females and two boys) also went to the Council's Shelter
to be bathed and to have their clothes disinfected, pending the rooms
occupied by them also being disinfected. The Medical Officer of Health
of the district in which the adult male inmates work was immediately
informed of the circumstances of the case, as also was the Secretary of
the General Post Office in regard to the son. The man and one son

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