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Poplar 1911

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Poplar, Metropolitan Borough]

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Itch Casks.
One boy suffering with itch was bathed and his clothes disinfested.
Miss Tattersall made 55 visits in connection with children suffering
from itch : -39 Poplar, 14 Bromley and 2 Bow.
Arrangement with the London County Council for the
Cleansing of School Children infested with Vermin.
The Council sealed an agreement with the London County Council
for the cleansing of verminous school children. The London County
Council agreed to pay the Council 2s. per child in respect to the cleansing
of children infested with vermin; the payment to cover a period of
one calendar month from the date of the first cleansing, and within the
period specified it is irrespective of the number of baths required, before
a child is to be regarded as cleansed. The cleansing of the home, if
necessary, to be enforced by the Borough Council, concurrently with the
bathing of the child. The cleansing, under the above agreement, of
verminous children from Public Elementary Schools commenced on the
8th January, 1912.
Hath Attendant.
The Council approved of the action of the Committee in appointing
Mrs. Macaree as bath attendant at the Cleansing Station and Shelter to
assist Mrs. Howe the attendant, in her duties.
The Council is empowered by the Cleansing of Persons Act, 1897, to
give any person applying, on the ground that he is infested with vermin,
free use of any apparatus for cleansing his person and clothing, and may
expend any'reasonable sum on buildings, appliances and attendants for
this purpose. Provision was made in 1905 for cleansing verminous
During the year 432 persons had applied for baths and for their
clothes to be disinfested. Since the notices were posted throughout the
Borough, a total of 4,688 persons had applied for baths, etc., as mentioned

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