London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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Paddington 1960

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Paddington, Metropolitan Borough of]

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Clinic and AddressClinic Times
St. John's Church Rooms, Hyde Park Crescent.Thurs. at 1.30.
Dental Clinic. 283a, Harrow RoadWed. at 9.30.Thurs. at 1.30.
Mothercraft. 283a, Harrow RoadAlternate Mon. at 2.30 and Tues. and Thurs. at 2.0.
Toddlers. 283a, Harrow RoadMon. and Fri. at 9.30.
Christchurch Hall, Queens-borough Passage.Alternate Thurs. at 1.30.
Queen's Park Centre, Lance-field Street.Tues. at 9.30. (V. and I.).
St. John's Church Rooms, Hyde Park Crescent.Alternate Wed. at 9.30. (I.).
Foot Clinic. 283a, Harrow RoadThurs., Fri. and Sat. at 9.30.Mon., Thurs. and Fri. at 1.30.
Prophylactic Sessions. 283a, Harrow RoadTues. at 10.0 (smallpox vaccination).Tues. at 1.30 (Immunisation and Poliomyelitis vaccination).
-Fri. at 2.0 (Poliomyelitis vaccination and Immunisation).

Clinics at which vaccination and immunisation facilities are available
are marked V. and I. respectively.
Day Nurseries—
Katherine Bruce Day Nursery, Queen's Park Court, W. 10.
Marylands Day Nursery, Marylands Road, W.9.
St. Jude's Day Nursery, 88, Bravington Road, W.9.
St. Stephen's Day Nursery, 38-46, Westbourne Park Road, W.2.
summary of the work of the Area and District Public Health
Inspectors, excluding their work in connection with factories which
s given in the annex to this Report.