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Paddington 1960

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Paddington, Metropolitan Borough of]

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Bacteriological examinations.—The number of examinations
made in connection with infectious disease was 218 (338).
Visiting.—The two Visitors investigate cases of infectious
disease in addition to their work in connection with elderly people
which is reported under " Care of the Aged."
During the year 1,032 (921) visits were made in the course of
these investigations. Food poisoning enquiries are made by the
Food Inspectors. The London County Council's Health Visitors
investigate cases of puerperal pyrexia, ophthalmia neonatorum,
infective enteritis and tuberculosis.
International certificates.—During the year 2,132 (1,941)
certificates of inoculation or vaccination were submitted by persons
travelling abroad for the authentication of the signature of the
medical practitioner concerned. This authentication is required
under the World Health Organisation agreement.

Tuberculosis.—The ward distribution of the cases of tuberculosis notified during 1960 is as follows:—

Queen's Park617
Harrow Road North44
Harrow Road South56112
Maida Vale North151328
Maida Vale South123116
Lancaster Gate West99119
Lancaster Gate East931215
Hyde Park729

Vaccination and immunisation.—The following figures relating
to inoculations carried out during the year among Paddington
residents have been supplied by the Divisional Medical Officer of
the London County Council.