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Paddington 1929

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Paddington, Metropolitan Borough of]

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Public Health (Tuberculosis) Regulations, 1921.

Cases removed from Register :— By reason of—1929.
Recovery of patient or variation of diagnosis39
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Of the patients who removed from the Borough during 1929, the new addresses were
obtainable in 79 instances, and particulars of the cases were transmitted to the medical
officers of health of the respective districts.
In 1929, 16 cases of patients who had removed into the Borough from other districts
were added to the register.
The number of cases remaining on the Tuberculosis Register at the close of 1929 was
1,610 as compared with 1,570 at the close of the year 1928.

Visits Paid to Homes of Tuberculous Patients.

By Council's Women Inspectors1,610
By Tuberculosis Officers503
By Dispensary Nurses— 20, Talbot Road2,895
St. Mary's Hospital1,921
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New Cases and Mortality During 1929.

Age Periods.New Cases. Deaths.
0 —---1---1
1 —-261031
5 —112212-12
10 —1261
15 —9144671412
20 —212933
25 —27343828172
35 —281913
45 —25102129102
65 —94--
65 and upwards5114211
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No notifications were received with regard to 20 persons dying from tuberculosis
during the year, this number being equal to 15'6 per cent, of the total tuberculosis deaths
recorded. In all cases where it appeared necessary, inquiries were made as to the reason
for the absence of notification.
Public Health (Prevention of Tuberculosis) Regulations, 1925.
By virtue of these regulations persons who are aware that they are suffering from tuberculosis
of the respiratory tract may not enter upon any employment or occupation in connection
with a dairy which would involve the milking of cows, the treatment of milk or the handling
of vessels used for containing milk.
Furthermore, if a local authority are satisfied that a person residing in their district who
is engaged in any such occupation mentioned above is suffering from tuberculosis of the
respiratory tract and is in an infectious state, they may by notice in writing require such
person to discontinue his employment or occupation.
No use has so far been made of these regulations.

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