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Paddington 1912

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Paddington, Metropolitan Borough of]

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In Table 24 (page 44) the Ward distribution of deaths is set out. The Wards in which
more deaths were recorded last year than in 1911 were Church (increase 1 death) and Lancaster
Gate, West (increase of 3).
The mortality from all forms of tuberculosis was at the rate of 114 per 1,000 persons, as
compared with 148 in 1911 and an average of 139 during 1907-11. The rates recorded in the
Wards are given below. In Church and Lancaster Gate, West, Wards only were last years rates
in excess of either the rates for 1911 or the means for 1907-11.
Tuberculosis : All Forms.
Mortality Rates.
Queens Harrow Maida Lancaster Gate, Hyde
Park. Road. Vale. Westbourne. Church. West. East. Park.
1912 1.00 1.26 1.04 1.15 1.92 0.32 0.27 0.79
1911 2.11 1.66 1.19 1.74 1.88 — 0.50 1.24
1907-11 1.84 1.54 1.22 1.59 1.91 0.26 0.38 0.85
According to the data published in the Registrar-Generals quarterly reports, the mortality
rate in the Borough from all forms of tuberculosis was 120 per 1,000 last year, or 022 below the
mean (142). (See below!) In Willesden (118) and Hampstead (0.79) the rates were below that
recorded in the Borough. In Kensington last years rate (134) was just above the quinquennial
mean (1.33), that being the only exception to the general reduction in the rate.
Tuberculosis: All Forms.
Mortality Rates. St.
London. Paddington. Kensington. Westminster. Marylebone. Hampstead. Willesden.
1912 1.65 1.20 1.34 1.41 1.35 0.79 1.18
1907-11 1.82 1.42 1.33 1.59 1.58 0.94 1.20
Pulmonary Tuberculosis.
By the Order ["The Public Health (Tuberculosis) Regulations, 1911"] of November 15th„
1911, the Local Government Board extended the system of notification of pulmonary tuberculosis
(consumption) to patients attended privately. Poor Law cases were first notified in 1909,
under the Order of December, 1908, and "institutional " cases in 1911 (beginning in May) under
the Order of March, 1911. During 1912, therefore, all cases of pulmonary tuberculosis except
those in lunatic asylums were subject to notification.
The certificates received during the year numbered 2,143, of which 781 related to patients
not residing in the Borough. Such certificates were forwarded to the medical officers of health
of the proper districts. The certificates belonging to the Borough numbered 1,362, 320 being
sent in under the Order of 1908 (" Poor Law"), 663 under that of March, 1911 (" Institutions "),
and 364 under that of December, 1911 ("Private Practice "). The numbers of certificates received
in each of the four quarters of the year are shown in Table 25 (page 45). Five hundred and
twenty-four certificates were received with reference to cases which had been previously reported.
The new cases reported numbered 838 (including 57 already on the Register as "suspect")..
The distribution of the new cases according to the addresses given in the certificates is shown in
the lower half of Table 25. Seven patients had no real addresses in the Borough. The
numbers of cases reported from each of the eight Wards—with tentative case rates—are given
below. This is the first occasion that any estimate of the morbidity from pulmonary tuberculosis
has been possible, and even now there is room for doubt as to whether the figures do not
understate the truth. It will be shown later that deaths from pulmonary tuberculosis were
registered last year without the cases being previously notified.
Pulmonary Tuberculosis, 1912.
Queens Harrow Maida Lancaster Gate,. Hyde
Park. Road. Vale. Westbourne. Church. West. East. Park.
New Cases 102 190 95 173 215 12 14 30
Morbidity* 6.38 7.04 4.50 7.38 8.63 1.29 1.74 2.36
* Per 1,000 estimated population.