London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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Lewisham 1856

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Lewisham District]

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locality.nature op nuisance.when reportd.means adopted to remedy.
Quaggy RiverFull of filthy mud exposed to the sun's rays from low-ness of water. Sewage still enters this stream, and thence into RavensbourneAugust September OctoberImproved
Raglan StreetDirty offensive ditch full of sewageAugustDrained into sewer
Ravensbourne RiverWater supply contaminated with Penge drainageSame as before
Rock and Fountain, SydenhamOffensive drainage pumped into streetSeptemberOpened into sewer
Rushey Green, LewishamDrainage from Cockshed Lane into ditch opposite Black Horse Inn. Drainage from stable and dung heap. No drain into sewer. Privy and cesspool near Police Station. No sufficient drainage. Houses beyond Black Horse still drain into diteh, without water supplyOctoberSame
Sydenham; piece of canal atForest HillTalk of emptying and throwing mud upon banks; would be dangerousAugustNot to be done
Stanstead Lane SydenhamOffensive drainage House occupied by Moore, grocer, undrained. Privy, by Cooper, sweep, Forest Hill, offensive. Steel's Cottages, near Dartmouth Row, no drainage and offensive priviesOpened into sewer Undrained
Undrained; notices ser ved to drain
Sandwell Place, Blackheath W ardRequires urgently to be drained; fever occurs hereNothing done
Sydenham and LewishamTrees being destroyed by an insect, " Scalytus Destructor," should be cut down to save the remaining healthy onesNothing done
Taylor's Lane, SydenhamTwo cottages at corner, privies dilapidated, obstructed, and filthy; an offensive ditch at corner; fever attacking the inmates ; adjoining cottages are in the same stateStill in a filthy state
Near Waterman's AsylumThe cesspools emptied and thrown at the back of a house. A scavenger should be employed to remove these nuisancesRemedied
Vegetable refuse thrown in decomposing heaps in various parts of all the DistrictsRemedied
Westwood House, SydenhamOffensive drains from into ditch, should be arched over >JuneSame as before