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Lewisham 1856

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Lewisham District]

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Union Workhouse1
Anerley School1

The following list of localities requiring attention for their sanitary improvement as
to drainage, water supply, and general cleanliness, I submit for your consideration.
Blackheath.—Some filthy cesspools exist in Loat's Pits, which should be emptied
and cleansed as drains are fixed; water supply should be afforded to all the houses in
Osborne Place, Blackheath; the whole of the houses require draining into the sewer.
Some of the privies are full and their contents soaking out of the ground.
The Duke's Head Inn has for some time past been drained into a deep well under
the kitchen of the adjoining house.
Blackheath Hill; the yard in the occupation of Mr. Samuel, Blackheath, is frequently
in an offensive state from accumulation of manure and from pigs kept there.
Phoenix Square (Tuns Passage), requires paving and cisterns for the reception of water
over the closets.
Lewisham.—Home's Dale, and Rushey Green, are without water supply; the closets
are liable to become blocked up.
Sewage still enters the Quaggy from the last house of Newman's Buildings.
Penny's Cottages, by the Lewisham Railway Station, require draining into the sewer.
Pigs and manure heaps are still at the back of Messrs. Jones and Co veil's premises.
Penge.—The drainage of Penge is still in a most unsatisfactory state.
The Infirmary at the Anerley Industrial School requires ventilation; the wards are
very offensive when closed. Proper closets should be fixed in the school yard.
Sydenham.—Cesspool at Mr. Short's, Perry Yale, complained of by a neighbour.
Privy and cesspool by Cooper's, sweep, very offensive.
Yard at back of Bee Hive public house dirty and offensive; requires paving and
Forest Hill (within Camberwell parish). An offensive ditch receives sewage from
houses in Lewisham parish.
Offensive gully-holes in the Park Road (lately taken by the Board).
Albion Terrace; some of the houses offensive from cesspools and obstructed drainage.
A small slip should be carried up from the main sewer to reccive the drainage of these
Steel's Cottages, near Dartmouth Row, offensive from want of proper drainage and
filthy privies.
Gully-holes on "West Kent Park Estate untrapped, and most of them without gratings;
dangerous to passengers.
Meteorological tables are appended as usual.
I have the honour to be, Gentlemen,
Your obedient servant,