London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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Lewisham 1856

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Lewisham District]

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locality.nature of nuisance.when reportd.means adopted to remedy.
SydenhamOffensive ditch, conveying large quantity of drainage, runs at back of Wells Road, through field of - Leathersellers' Company, bottom of Peake Hill, back of Greyhound Inn, under Railway, through Mr. Price's and Miss Mayow's grounds, to back of Dolphin InnMayNot remedied
Scudder's RowOffensive drainsMayNot remedied, but work in hand
Spencer Place, BlackheathDunghill and offal heaps at back of butcher's and poulterer'sJ anuarySewer made, but drains not opened in
Taylor's Lane, SydenhamFilthy ditch and offensive drainageMarchThis ditch is cleansed
West Kent Park, SydenhamGeneral want of outlet for drainage; accumulations of an offensive character in ditches and drainsJanuaryNot remedied
Willow Road, SydenhamOffensive drainage and dirty accumulationsJanuaryNot remedied, but the work is in hand
Willow Walk, LewishamFoetid ditch opposite houses, privies overflowing, &c.JanuaryNot remedied, but the work is in hand
Wells Road, SydenhamFilthy state from offensive and bad drainage; here houses also turn theirJ anuaryNot remedied, but the work is in hand
drains into the ditch, and contaminate the brook flowing down the hillMarch
West Kent Park, SydenhamNone of the gully holes are trapped, and some are open and the holes danMarchNot remedied
Waterloo Place, Lewishamgerous Offensive drains and bad state of privies and cessAprilNot remedied
Willow Road, Sydenhampools Offensive drainageMayNot remedied
Westwood House, SydenhamOffensive drainage from overflowing of cesspool of house and cottageJunePartially remedied by emptying cesspool and cleansing ditch, but will shortly be as bad as ever