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Lewisham 1856

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Lewisham District]

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locality.nature of nuisance.when reportd.means adopted to remedy.
Lewisham BridgeInjury to Ravensbourne from horses and cattle fouling the streamIn hand
Loat's PitsAn open offensive ditch by side of Vicar's schoolJune
LewishamPigs kept in confined yard by Mr. JonesJune
Montpelier Mews, BlackheathOffensive gully holes from drains in rear of Mr. Bar-net's houseMarchNot remedied
North Road, West Kent Park, SydenhamOffensive drainage running over from gully holesNorth Road is completed, but the ditch is still in existence
Park End, SydenhamOffensive drainage and open ditch, offensive and injurious to healthJanuaryIn hand
PengeGeneral want of drainage; ditches offensive and water-courses filled with drainage, discharging into RavensbourneNot remedied
Poplar Row, LewishamOverflowing privies and want of drainageJanuaryNot remedied
Phœnix Passage, BlackheathWant of drainage, and filthy accumulationsJanuaryThis is finished
Paragon Mews, BlackheathWant of drainage, and filthy accumulationsJanuaryThis is completed
Park Road, SydenhamRoad in dangerous and dirty conditionFebruaryRoad has been put into repair by private contribution
Perry Vale, SydenhamDrainage from cow-houses; 20 cows, 3 horses, 20 pigs, and large cesspool of refuse, as well as dwelling houses, drain into a most offensive ditch opposite several housesAprilIn hand
Perry Vale and Perry Rise, SydenhamDitches receive offensive drainage from all the upper part of SydenhamAprilNot remedied
Price's Buildings, LewishamBad drainage and offensive priviesAprilThis is completed
Price's Row, LewishamMr. Price 6 houses, Mr. Perry 3 houses, drain into the Ravensbourne; pigs are sometimes kept and slaughtered in quantities on these premisesThis is completed
Perry ValeSwiss Cottage; open privy and occasional overflow of cesspoolAprilNot remedied
Ruth Place, BlackheathWant of drainage and filthy accumulationsJanuaryNot remedied
Russell Street, SydenhamOverflowing privies and cesspools, and houses in a dirty stateFebruaryNot remedied