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Lewisham 1856

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Lewisham District]

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June 4.By Lighting Rate.7500June 9.Phoenix Gas Company for columns, lamps, &c11700
„ 6.Loan from John Penn, Esq12000
Nov. 28.Lighting Rate7500July 3.Gas supplied to July 1st3913
Dec. 31.Ditto to date69150
Rent ditto100
Interest on loan to 6th December300
To sundries71810

In this position the functions of the Lighting Inspectors ceased,
and devolved upon the Board of Works, who requested Mr. Penn
to allow his loan to continue, and to be paid by four annual instalments
of £30 each, the first to be retained out of the balance in his
hands, which proposal was at once acceded to.
The Board resolved that for the winter eight months, commencing
1st September, the lighting of this portion of the district should
be continued throughout the night until sunrise, instead of until
one o'clock, as theretofore. With these exceptions, the arrangements
of the Inspectors have not been altered.
The lighting of Sydenham with gas has been effected under the
auspices of the Board, who have departed from the principle of
rating only such property as adjoins the roads lighted, which was
adopted in lighting Lewisham, and have determined that the whole
division of the district which was to be lighted should also be rated.
The division of Sydenham thus lighted and rated comprises,
So much of the Parish of Lewisham as is west of a line drawn
from its south boundary at the point where it adjoins Beckenham,
running northward along the centre of Kent House
Lane to the north end of Meadow Croft, thence in a straight
line running north-westward to the point where Stanstead
and Brockley Lanes join, thence along the centre of Brockley
Lane to the northernmost part of the piece of land No.
2,624 on the parochial maps, thence in a straight line to and
over the Railway bridge No. 9, thence in a straight line
touching the eastern boundary of the Telegraph Cottage to
the boundary of the Parish adjoining Camberwell.
For lighting this portion of the district 139 columns and lamps
have been erected, which, as well as the gas, have been supplied by
the Crystal Palace District Gas Company, under the contract the
particulars of which will be seen in the summary of contracts
appended to this report. The lighting of Sydenham is also intended
to be continued, as in Lewisham, from sunset to sunrise for
the winter eight months of each year.