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Lewisham 1856

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Lewisham District]

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Amount due to Mr. J. E. Lee6563Amount due on rates made 27th December, 18531128
Ditto to Mr. 6. Withes6640
Ditto to Mr. G. Willmott43129Ditto ditto 4th July, 18541000
Ditto to Mr. B. Parka10069Ditto ditto 2nd January, 185510000
Ditto to Mr. W. Miller961Ditto ditto 24th July, 1855 .30000
Ditto to Mr. \V. Penny1209Cash balance3487
Ditto to Mr. W. Marshall660
Ditto as rent8150
Ditto to Messrs. Bailey &Pegg786
Ditto to Mr. S. Forster1340
Ditto to Mr. J. Corder860
Ditto to Mr. J. Hollis2100
Estimated surplus102152

The Highway Board also submitted a statement of existing contracts
entered into by them.
With Mr. Barber for the collection of the Highway Rate, at 2½ per cent. on the
amount collected.
With Mr. B. Parks for the cartage of material, at Is. per yard, or ton, per mile;
and 7s. per day for the hire of a set of one horse and harness, cart, and man.
With Mr. Wythes for 1,000 yards of gravel, from Penge, at 4s. per yard, of
which 669 remained to be delivered.
And with Mr. Colson for 300 yards of gravel, to be delivered at Forest Hill Station,
at 4s. 6d. per yard, of which 184 yards remained to be delivered.
There were also some contracts existing for the removal of road
scrapings up to the 25th March, 1856; and one with S. Forster,
Esq., for permission to dig gravel in his pits, near Rushey Green,
on payment of 1s. 6d. per yard for all gravel removed.
The Highways of Penge were under the management of a
Surveyor of Highways appointed in the usual manner in rural
districts, and giving his services gratuitously, and of a paid Deputy
Surveyor. The following is extracted from the Surveyor's Account,
from the 25th March, 1855, to the end of the year:—



By cash of Mr. Homes, with rate book......10784To labourers' wages and contract work .....62151
Cash from defaulters on former rates.....7291Ditto materials and team work206114
Ditto tradesmen's bills, incidental expenses, &c. . .20163
Interest on £1,500 deposited in the London Joint Stock Bank, to 31st December .14847
Assistant Surveyor's salary .22100

In connection with the Highway Board a claim has been made,
under the 214th sect, of the Act, by Mr. Q-. F. Corbett, who was
their Clerk and Surveyor, for compensation for the loss of his office
consequent upon that Board being superseded by the Board of