London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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Lewisham 1952

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Lewisham Borough]

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Clearance areas and individual unfit houses

The following is a copy of a return made to the Ministry of Housing and Local Government relating to action taken under the Housing Acts, 1936 to 1949 during the year ended March 31, 1952 and showing the position at the end of the period:—


Dwelling-houses demolishedPersons displaced
Unfit housesOther houses
Land coloured "pink"None-None
Land coloured "grey"None


HousesPersons displaced
1. Housing Act. 1936
(a) Houses demolished as a result of formal procedure under section 1149
(b) Houses demolished as a result of informal notices preliminary to formal procedure under section 11NoneNone
(c) Houses closed in pursuance of an undertaking given by the owners under section 11315
(d) Parts of buildings closed (Section 12)1220
(e) Houses made fit—
(i) As a result of formal notices under sections 9 to 1226
(ii) As a result of informal notices preliminary to formal procedure under Sections 9 to 1227-
2. Housing Act, 1949—
(f) Closing Orders made under Section 3 (1)NoneNone
(g) Demolition Orders determined and Closing Orders substituted under Section 3 (2)NoneNone
(h) Demolition Orders quashed under Section 2None-

Housing Act, 1936 — slum clearance programme, 1951-55
In 1950, the Council agreed upon a list of properties with which it
was proposed to deal, either by way of demolition order procedure or,
if more appropriate, by inclusion in clearance areas, as soon as the
Minister of Health should allow again the exercise of such powers
(suspended during the war) by local authorities. This list was
forwarded to the London county council for consideration, as that