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Lewisham 1949

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Lewisham Borough]

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Food and Drugs Act, 1938

15 July(1) Selling sausages containing horse flesh.£20220Joint case with Ministry of Food.
(2) Selling brawn containing horse flesh.£20220
(3) Selling horse flesh for human consumption in premises without displaying notice to that effect.£5220-
29 JulyInsect in bread.£5330-
8 AugustSale of icecream from unregistered premises on three occasions.£1330
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Food warnings
In addition to legal proceedings authorised for contraventions
of the Food and Drugs Act, 1938, and Milk and Dairies Order, 1926,
warning letters were sent in respect of the following matters, where
the evidence was not sufficient to warrant legal proceedings being
Bandage in rhubarb.
Nail in cake (2).
Glass in milk bottle.
Penny in cake.
Insect in tart.
Insect in bread.
Nail in bread (2).
Foreign body in bread.
Piece of wire in cake.
Wire in jam.
Nail in toffee.
Mice excreta in bread.
List of special reports submitted to the Public Health Committee
by the Medical Officer of Health during 1949:—
February 1 Old people's welfare.
Health department staff.
March 1 Influenza.
,, 29 Noise near Hither Green railway sidings.
Campaign against flies and mosquitoes.
June 13 Pharmaceutical services.
Tuberculosis : mass-radiography unit.
Cleansing station staff.
Food wrapping.
July 5 Infantile paralysis.
September 6 Additional clerical assistance.
Old people's organisations.
October 4 Clean food.
Food poisoning.
Old people's organisations — help to voluntary organisations.
Nov. 29 Icecream control.

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