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Lewisham 1929

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Lewisham Borough]

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During 1929, 304 confinements took place in the Home, of which 178 were primiparae, and the nature of these cases is shown in the following Table: —

Total number of Labours304
Vertex Presentation296
Pelvic „12
Face „1
Manual Removal of Placenta1
Prolapse of Cord1
Minor Operations (P. 28, M. 3)31
Ante-partum Haemorrhage1
Post-partum „3

NOTE.—The Standard of Morbidity is taken as " The rising of the temperature to 100° F., on
at least two occasions between the second and eighth days."
There was one maternal death due to post-partum fulminating
One infant was born in the ambulance before arrival at
the Home.

Details of these cases are set out in the following Table: —

Number of births309
Full-term deaths, recent3
Premature deaths, recent2
Total number born dead7
Infants born alive who died in the Home5
Total number born dead or died in the Home12


Maturity.Cause of DeathRemarks.
1. PrematureAtelectasis
2. ,,UnknownMacerated
3. ,,_
4 Full TermCord round neckMacerated
5. ,,Face Presentation (Prolonged Labour)-
6 ,,Unknown_
7. „..-