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Islington 1927

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Lewisham Borough]

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Dairies and Milkshops.—The number of premises registered
under the provisions of the Milk and Dairies Order, 1926.
is 137, and during the year 350 inspections were made of these
Cowhouses.— There are now only three licensed cowsheds
in the Borough, and 24 visits were made to these during the
Slaughterhouses.— There are eight slaughterhouses in the
Borough, licensed by the London County Council, and during
the year 566 visits were made to these to inspect the condition
of the premises and to examine the carcasses of slaughtered
Bakehouses.— There are 82 bakehouses on our register, and
212 visits were made to these.
Resaturants and Eating-houses.—The visits made to the
110 eating-houses in the Borough numbered 237.
Food-stalls.—The number of visits made to food-stalls
was 925.
Milk (Special Designations) Order, 1923.
The following is a list of the premises in respect of
which licences were issued for the production or sale of milk
under the designations provided in the Order :—
To produce and bottle " Grade A " Milk :—
Burnt Ash Farm, Lee... Messrs. Edwards & Sons, Ltd.
(subsequently United Dairies (London), Ltd.).
To Pasteurise :—
Station Buildings, Forest Hill... Messrs. Edwards & Sons, Ltd.
(Licence subsequently transferred to United Dairies
(London), Ltd., at 57, Perry Vale, Forest Hill).