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Greenwich 1857

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Greenwich District]

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It will not bo necessary to make any observation upon the
foregoing Table No. 12, beyond directing your attention to the
improved death-rate of the two Divisions of the Parish of Greenwich,
and of the increased death-rate of the two Parishes of Deptford.
The next two Tables, No. 13 and 14, will shew the number
of births in the District during the year 1857.

TABLE No. 13.

Greenwich, East.Greenwich, West.St. Paul, Deptford.St. Nicholas. Deptford.
First Quarter585811691931841851453304856104
Second Quarter837315610780187156153309474289
Third Quarter69751447479153145169314294372
Fourth Quarter686213010476180156157313413576
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TABLE No. 14.

Greenwich, East278268546
Greenwich, West376328704
St. Paul, Deptford6426241266
St. Nicholas, Deptford165176341
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The fifteenth Table will shew the comparative number of
births in the District in the years 1856 and 1857.

TABLE No. 15.

Greenwich.St. Paul, Deptford.St. Nicholas, Deptford.Total.
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