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Greenwich 1857

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Greenwich District]

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The Ninth Table will shew a comparative statement of the
different ages at which death took place during the years 1856 and

TABLE No. 9.

Under. 1010to 2020 to 4040 to 6060 to 8080 and upwards.Total.
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In some of my former Reports, I have directed your attention
to the large amount of Infantile Mortality occuring in your District,
and at the same time made such suggestions and remarks as
appeared applicable to the existing causes of such mortality.
Following such remarks, I submitted that it should not only be
your endeavour but also your duty to assist the Legislature in
removing the evils that press so heavily on the younger branches
of your population. Such assistance you have readily afforded, and
it is with great satisfaction that I have this year to report a great
reduction in deaths amongst children under 10 years of age, and a
certain decrease at all ages under 40 years; and you will perceive,
by Table No. 9, that from the age of 40 and upwards, life has been
very considerably prolonged, or at all events, that a greater number
of persons have died at an advanced age than during the previous
year of 1856. It would, perhaps, be assuming too much to attribute
this favourable change to the many Sanitary improvements
that have been effected in the District; but under any circumstances,
it is a step in the right direction. Many years must
necessarily elapse before it will be in my power to lay before you
any very conclusive data on these points; but as far as my present
Tables are completed, it is very satisfactory to be able to advance
the above facts.
The next Table will shew a comparative statement of deaths
occuring from Epidemic and Chest Diseases during the past two

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